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Karita Garavet

Karita Garavet

Patent Assistant

Telephone: +358 9 6859 5697


Languages: Finnish, English

”The best thing in my job is to get to know our client companies in various industries, and at the same time to expand my own perspective on the business world."

Karita joined Laine in September 2018, working as patent assistant on the electronics team. Her responsibilities include assisting in patent prosecution, customer communication and invoicing.

Karita holds a Bachelor’s Degree in international business-to-business marketing. She has also completed social science studies at open university.

Before Laine IP, Karita worked for 13 years in the mobile phone industry, of which the first seven years were in product development and the last six in IPR administration.

Karita is currently studying international patent application processes. Previously, her work involved invention rewards and new inventions, so she is well versed in topics such as first-to-file requirements. Karita also has work experience in technology and patent licensing.