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Jari Nieminen

European Patent Attorney, UPC Representative


Communication Technology, Optics

Telephone: +358 9 6859 5616


Languages: Finnish, English

”In my work, I am inspired by the front-row view on the development of technology. New innovations are often based on technology that is not yet public knowledge, so a patent attorney has the unique opportunity of seeing innovations and discussing them with the inventor before they are disclosed. Thanks to my research background, I understand the business value of patenting inventions and thus safeguarding the results of research and development work. It's always great to be able to discuss the background and future plans of an invention directly with the inventor, and to bring them the news of a positive decision from the patent office."

Jari joined Laine IP in 2018. He works as European Patent Attorney on the ICT & mechanics team. He is also a member of the board of Laine IP.

Previously, Jari worked as a researcher at Aalto University and as a patent engineer in the mobile phone industry. He has over five years of research experience in wireless communications, with a particular focus on sensor networks and signal processing. Additionally, he worked as patent engineer for nearly six years, with a job description that included handling new inventions, managing a global patent portfolio, and carrying out infringement analysis. In addition to these tasks, Jari also supported the licensing of patents by evaluating the scope of granted patents.

Jari is experienced in collaborating with inventors in discovering and protecting new inventions around the world, especially in Europe and the USA. His research background provides a strong basis for understanding inventors and helping them formulate their inventions. As a qualified European patent attorney, Jari has wide experience in drafting patent applications and responses. He can also assist in infringement analyses by evaluating the scope of protection of granted patents and by providing substantiation of infringement.

Jari holds a Doctor of Science (Tech) degree in communications engineering.

IPR services

  • European patents, infringement analyses

Special expertise

  • Industries: communications, software and programming, leisure products, electrical instruments and control systems
  • Technologies: wireless communications, signal processing, sensor networks, antennas, radar, algorithms