Predict expenditures with our service packages

Below you will find our prepackaged services, designed to provide a defined end result for a fixed cost.

Innovation voucher packages

We have designed several service packages specifically to utilize Business Finland’s innovation voucher funding for small and medium enterprises. The service packages are also available without the innovation voucher, in which case the service will be invoiced to you instead of Business Finland. Our four innovation voucher service packages are especially suited for companies at the beginning of their IPR journey. The Starter, Landscape, Patenting and Branding packages encompass training, IPR evaluation and protection services.

Freedom to Operate analysis (FTO)

Our FTO service helps identify existing third-party patents or filed applications that may conflict with the commercialization of your product or technology. An FTO analysis at a sufficiently early stage makes it possible to maintain optimum focus in R&D activities while saving money in the long run.

Invention harvesting

Our Invention harvesting service is designed for situations in which product development or other projects bring about improvements to a product or manufacturing process. In the invention harvesting workshop, we evaluate the new solutions, product features or process steps, and our experts provide a recommendation of how to best secure the relevant IPR.