IPR portfolio optimization and yearly maintenance

Do you know the exact contents of your IP portfolio? Acquiring, investing in and paying annuities for IP rights only makes sense if they are relevant to your business now or in the near future. It is counterproductive to accumulate excess baggage in your portfolio, but decisions on divesting IP assets should be made carefully – as a rule, it is not possible to reinstate an expired patent.

Streamlined IP rights

We can help you to optimize your IPR portfolio and to make decisions on any needed changes. You are the best expert on the strengths, goals and market environment of your business, while our know-how is in evaluating the scope and usefulness of your IPR in protecting your technology in the relevant markets. Based on our analysis, we can provide you with recommendations for supplementing your IPR portfolio with new applications, or for streamlining it by letting some rights lapse.

Whenever your business faces major changes such as entering into a new market, launching a significant new product or dealing with acquisitions, we recommend having a meeting and conducting a more detailed review of whether the patents and trademarks in your portfolio are aligned with the upcoming changes.

Patents can be kept in force for up to 20 years by paying the appropriate annuity fee to the patent office. Trademark registrations need to be renewed every ten years, but there is no limit on the number of renewals. Design registrations are time-limited, typically to a maximum of 25 years. In Finland, the registration must be renewed every five years. We take care of all annuity and renewal fees on your behalf both in Finland and internationally.

Book a time for annual IPR maintenance

IPR assets are worth reviewing on a regular basis. Give us a call and we can set a time for the yearly tune-up of your portfolio!